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Site Usage Disclosure Statements and Credits

David Michael Maurer Headshot Photography by Jeff Farsai.

All rights reserved by Jeff Farsai.  Used with permission.  Instagram @farsaiphoto

David Michael Maurer B&W Headshot Photography by Keith Andreen.

All rights reserved by Keith Andreen.  Used with permission.  Instagram @keithandreen

Color Headshot Photograph by Shira Shafir.  All rights reserved by Shira Shafir.  Used with permission.

This website is for reel and portfolio purposes only and is not intended to infringe on the copyright of any other person or entity.  All rights are held by the original copyright owners and used with permission.  If there is a concern about a copyright violation, please contact the owner of this website at for assistance.

All clips from "Absentia" Season 2 are used with permission under guidelines from Sony Pictures Television.

Watch the whole series now at

All clips from "StartUp" Season 2 are used with permission from Sony Crackle.

Watch the whole series now at

"Traces" production still used with producer permission.

This website may contain images, language or content that is intended for a mature audience and users of this website should use discretion when viewing.

David Michael Maurer, ACE is the owner of Carve & Chisel, Inc. a post production company.

Representation by Ivana Savic of GSK Talent 


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