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David Michael Maurer brings two decades worth of editing and storytelling experience to the Director's Chair.

His background studying Meisner Technique with Andrew Benne, story with Robert McKee, and working with some of the top writers and directors in Hollywood has given him a confidence and calmness on set that makes productions run smoothly.

Actors trust Maurer with their performances in post.  In production, he works to create a safe space for them to do their best work.

Mendo's Carousel (Short Film)                 WATCH TRAILER

WORLD PREMIERE - JULY 2023 LA Shorts International Film Festival

After the death of her father, a troubled young woman robs a dry cleaning shop, but a secret from the past forces her to the precipice of truth and denial. Starring Edi Gathegi (For All Mankind, The Harder They Fall, Twilight, X-Men: First Class, StartUp, The Blacklist), Todd Grinnell (With Love, One Day at a Time), and Otmara Marrero (Florida Man, StartUp, Connecting).

Written and Directed by David Michael Maurer


AVATARI: High Like This (Music Video)        WATCH NOW

AVATARI (Ari Welkom) plays all of the roles in this dynamic music video for his song "High Like This".  The low-budget video had almost 80 setups filmed in just 2 days with a tiny crew.  Maurer carefully curated and planned variable audio and picture speeds to allow for lip sync to remain true in slow motion, normal speed, fast motion, and hyper speed seamlessly between the set and post production.  The result is both fun and disturbing.


AVATARI: Superhuman (Music Video)            Watch Now

A love letter to 1980's cinema.  This music video combines vfx, hand and rod puppets, bmx bikes, headbands, and aliens!  Collaboration with the team at

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